The popularity of my Modeling 101 - A Model's Diary blog has allowed me to help so many aspiring and establishing models realize their goals.

While my brain is totally open for picking when it comes to asking questions about the modeling industry, the number of questions grew so much that I had to create an entirely separate blog just for answering my reader questions!

So feel free to ask any questions or concerns you may have and here is where you'll find your answers, straight from me, Dania Denise!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Answering a Reader Question #916

Anonymous Wrote:

Hi Dania,

Someone told me I need a "model number". I've never heard of this before. Where would I get one, and what is it?

Thank you!!!

Hi, Anonymous!

I've gotta admit: you've stumped me! I've never heard of a "model number" before but then again, I need more information about what you were told to have a better idea of what they may have meant.

Were you at a casting call for a modeling job? Were you at an open call for a modeling agency? Who is the person that told you this? Was it someone from an agency or a friend/family member who randomly mentioned it to you?

I'm super curious about this, haha, so I'm hoping you're able to reply back and give me more details so I can see if I have an answer for you or not!

Answering a Reader Question #915

Courtney Wrote:

So I recently became interested in modeling and was wondering if you could give me advice on some things. I am a senior in college about to graduate and I have two tattoos. Do modeling agencies prefer models to not have tattoos? Both of mine are small and could be hidden if need be. Also, I was thinking about going in the direction of a promotional model like a Budweiser girl. I am 5'4 and a size 6 because I have natural curvy hips and a bubble butt. Do you think that is a good route to go?

Hey there, Courtney!

Tattoos have become more commonplace for models in the industry, although agencies prefer that models not have them. However, yours are small and easily hidden so I doubt an agency would have a problem with that. It is the large, excessive tattoos that most agencies tend to want to avoid.

Promotional modeling is a fun field to get into and is open to all heights and sizes so I think it would be a great way to get your foot in the door as far as modeling goes, especially if you have an engaging and sociable personality. Additionally, promotional models make pretty good money so it would be a good way to earn extra income.

There are two really great posts on my Modeling 101 blog, which were guest written by an expert in that field that you'll want to check out to learn more about pursuing this type of modeling. The links are below:

Answering a Reader Question #914

Anonymous Wrote:

Hi, I just recently signed with a Donna Baldwin Agency in Colorado and I was wondering where you'd place it in terms of "big" or not. 

Thanks. I've been getting into your blog recently for help with my first few jobs and casting calls and it's been a great help:) 

Hey, Anonymous!

I'm happy to hear that my blog has been of use to you in your modeling career--I'm always thrilled to hear that and congrats as well on getting signed!

I'm not as familiar with the Denver market in general for agencies but based on the agency's website and their listing in online searches, it does appear that this particular agency is definitely one of the better ones for that area. The quality of their talent is very impressive and I wouldn't be surprised if they had a strong clientele base for CO.

Colorado by comparison to other "large markets" wouldn't be considered "big" as an agent in a place like Los Angeles, New York or Miami BUT for the market you're in, I'd say you're in good hands and that your agency is probably one of the bigger ones for the market it is located in.

Hopefully you've had a chance to experience a good amount of castings/auditions and book work through them. I'm sure they're happy to have you!

Answering a Reader Question #913

Anonymous Wrote:

Hello, I am interested in becoming a teen model, but I am 13 and only 5'6". I have no prior experience in modelling at all, do you think that will lower my chances of getting into an agency? Also, I am self conscious about my wide face and broad shoulders--I haven't seen any models with that body structure--do you think I still have a chance to become a model?

Hi, Anonymous!

Teen modeling doesn't have strict height requirements like fashion and runway does so that usually isn't a major factor for most agencies. Previous experience also isn't mandatory to be considered for agency representation.

Teen and print models come in all shapes and sizes. Don't focus so much on whether or not your "look" would be good for modeling or not. Instead, focus on getting definite answers about your potential for modeling by researching the websites of local agencies in your city/state, finding out what the submission requirements are and sending in your snapshots/info to see what feedback/interest you get from those agencies.

That's going to be the best way to find out if you can be a model and then you can go from there. Don't overthink it--just go for it! :-)

Best of luck to you!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Answering a Reader Question #912

Jordan Wrote:

Hi, Dania. First off, I just wanted to thank you for having such an informative and helpful blog.

I have a meeting scheduled with IMG Models in New York soon. I was scouted via the # wlyg. I am 5'8", 15 yrs old, and my measurements are 32-22-33.

I was wondering if you could give me any tips/suggestions on what to wear, how to present myself, and how to prepare for my upcoming meeting. Also, are there any exercises that are good for achieving an even more toned figure for my possible modeling career. I'm so nervous and although I have done quite a bit of research over the past two years, I still feel slightly unprepared..

(I'm also a little worried about my height...)

Thank you so much for giving your time to help me out!


Hi, Jordan!

You're very welcome, I'm glad you've been able to benefit from my blog!

Congrats on the upcoming interview with IMG, how exciting (and nerve-wracking, I know)! As far as tips, below is a link to one of my Modeling 101 blog posts that will give you a crash-course on the questions you asked (plus it avoids a really long novel of a response, haha):

The 411 on Modeling Agency Interviews:

As far as exercises, based on your stats I think you're totally fine so don't go overboard with trying to do too much physically right now. Wait until you've met with IMG and see if they want to sign you. At that point you can consult with them directly about your body shape and any concerns about your health and exercise regimen.

Plus, they invited you to the meeting based on how you look now so take that as a sign that you're doing something right. :-)

Being 15 and 5'8" is a great thing for an agency because they know there's the potential for you to grow even taller as you get older so your height shouldn't be a concern for you at all right now.

The bottom line: breathe! :-) Nerves are natural but you can't let it affect you to the point where it may cause you to not perform well at the meeting. As long as you bring the materials they ask for, arrive on time (which means early!) and are comfortable talking candidly about yourself, you'll nail it. Sometimes being too prepared can actually be a bad thing so don't psyche yourself out unnecessarily.

A lot of modeling has to do with instinct, being able to think on your feet and adapt to any situation. Never let 'em see you sweat! Go with your gut, be personable, fun and outgoing. It doesn't take a lot to impress an agency when you really think about it--if you've got it naturally, they'll know so just be the best version of you and I'm sure they'll be more than happy to sign you onto their roster.

Best of luck and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Answering a Reader Question #911

Anonymous Wrote:

So I'm meeting with an agency tomorrow and I think they are a bit sketchy -they charge 'membership fees.' 
Quote from their website -

What do I get for my membership fee?
Online Profile and Portfolio management.
Submission of your profile to casting agents and producers
Access to our workshops and development classes. 

Should I run for the hills?


Hey, Anonymous!

I say run for the hills simply because there are many agencies out there that DON'T charge for any kind of membership. Traditional/standard modeling and talent agencies don't have models as "members" of their agency--they're either signed or they're not.

Some companies call themselves "agencies" but don't operate exactly like the traditional ones, which allows them to charge for things like the items you described. This sounds more like a casting agency than a model or talent agency but since I don't know the details or who the company is, I can't say for sure.

If you've got other offers on the table or other actual agencies to submit to, I'd say go for those and see what pans out. If this is a casting agency and not a traditional talent/modeling agency, that's fine, too, but it all depends on what the fees are and the quality of the types of clients who use their services to find actors/models.

I hope that helps and best of luck!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Answering a Reader Question #910

James Thomas Wrote:

hey im currently 6'2 24 years old. ive always wanted to model but never pushed at it. now i want to go for it but i dont know if my age will stop that.

Hi James!

As a man you have the odds working in your favor. Men in their 20s are always in demand and your height is perfect for both runway and commercial/print.

Depending on your physical look, an agency could market you for both categories, which would be the ideal situation.

Agencies aren't going to be as stringent with male models and age ranges like they are with women. Most of the fashion agency websites I've seen list their male age requirements as: "18 - 30" or "18+".

That's clearly a good sign so jump on it and see what happens!