The popularity of my Modeling 101 - A Model's Diary blog has allowed me to help so many aspiring and establishing models realize their goals.

While my brain is totally open for picking when it comes to asking questions about the modeling industry, the number of questions grew so much that I had to create an entirely separate blog just for answering my reader questions!

So feel free to ask any questions or concerns you may have and here is where you'll find your answers, straight from me, Dania Denise!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Answering a Reader Question #927

Lily Wrote:

Hi, My name is lily 
im 13 years old and i have always watched the victorias secret fashion shows growing up. i have done a lot of research the past couple of weeks and i really wanna be an angel im just a little confused how to get there i understand i should go to the ford and elite agencies when i turn 18. Modeling is my dream job and i really want to achieve this dream. i dont understand do i need to go to some modeling college when i graduate high school or do i just jump right into getting a spot with ford or elite. and if i do jump right into getting a spot with one of them should i just move to new york city. i live in arizona right now, and my height right now is 5'2. im a redhead with blue and green mixed eyes and i found out they are very good models because there isnt very many..(lol) one more question if i went to an appointment would i get into trouble for wearing makeup or do i not wear makeup because my eyelashes are blonde so you cant really see them which is why i wear mascara... i want to be a vs model i just dont know how to????? thank you and i love your blog its so useful...

Hi Lily!

You do not have to go to college for modeling. There is no degree, certification or other academic requirement needed to pursue modeling of any kind. That's the good news.

If you wanted to start modeling now you can since you're the ideal age to become a teen model. All you'd need to do is an online search for modeling agencies in the city/state where you live and checking out the websites of the agencies that show up in the search results.

The agency websites 9 times out of 10 will list the instructions you need to know so you can submit yourself for possible representation. That way, you'd be able to start gaining hands-on modeling experience and build a portfolio so that by the time you turn 18 you would already know the industry inside and out.

The path to becoming a VS model is not an easy one. It will require you to be able to live temporarily in New York City so you can be close to the agency and available for castings and gigs.

To learn more details about exactly what it takes to become a VS model, you'll want to read the links below to blog posts I've written about this topic:

For attending open calls you should wear little to no makeup, especially since you are 13--you don't need makeup at that age, lol.

You can wear light mascara since your lashes are blonde so that's okay but as far as foundation, blush and all that extra stuff, you'll need to go without. A fresh face is what agencies love best!

Answering a Reader Question #926

Anonymous Wrote:

Hi Dania!

I just want to say I love your blog so much! It has taught me so many great things. I have wanted to be a model for a long time. I am currently 19 years old and live around the St. Louis, MO area. I went to the Tribute Model Search for Mother Model Management a few months ago but I never heard back. Obviously I am a bit discouraged. Do you have any suggestions as to where I should go from here? Do you think I should try to attend another open call of theirs or would it be silly since they have already seen me and apparently were not that interested? To give you an idea, I am 5'8" and weigh around 130. My measurements are around 33-25-36. Thank you so much for any feedback!!

Hi, Anonymous!

So happy to hear how my blog has helped you!

For now pass on attending another open call for them (the rule of thumb is to wait at least 6 months from the time you first submitted before trying again).

Below are other agencies in St. Louis that you should check out in the meantime:

Images Agency Models & Actors

Azalea Talent Agency

West Model & Talent Management

I would recommend submitting to all 3 at the same time so you can increase your odds of receiving responses back within roughly the same time frame. Make the ones that have open calls a priority to attend, followed by the ones that don't have them.

As long as you bring/submit exactly what each agency asks for, you should be good to go!

Answering a Reader Question #925

Anonymous Wrote:

Hi, Thank you so much for this blog it has helped me so much! Say for example you wanted to become an VS angel. Do you need to be signed with an agency? If there was a day where you could come for an audition could you fly over to the country, if you didnt live there, and audition? If they accepted you would you be able stay for the show then go back home? Thank you so much. Sorry about the long question :)

Hey, Anonymous!

You're very welcome and don't apologize--asking questions is how you get answers. :-)

To learn more about how to be considered for VS modeling you'll want to read my blog posts below to find out about the specific requirements:

Unfortunately, companies like Victoria's Secret need their models to be in New York so flying back and forth isn't going to be realistic for a New York agency to want to consider working with a model, especially if she is new and not experienced or known in the industry (models who are already famous/well known can obviously break some of these rules).

If you are just starting out, you have to be where the action is and if VS is your goal, New York is going to have to be your temporary home.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Answering a Reader Question #924

Charlotte Wrote:

great post - as per usual. i love your blog!!!

i do have a question for you though... do i apply to an agency abroad?
i really want to become a model but i am not conventionally pretty. i am 16 years of age, 5 foot 8.5 , very slim and i am quite photogenic, however i keep being turned away by agencies (i live in the uk) would it be mad for me to go abroad and get signed by an agency or shall i give up my dream of pursuing becoming a model?? (obviously that is the last thing i want to do - but maybe i just don't want to hear the truth idk)
THANK YOU SO MUCH idk what to do

Hi there, Charlotte!

I'm glad you're able to find my blog of use, I appreciate you being a reader!

It is difficult to be a model in the US if you're coming from another country. The best way to go about working with an agency in another country is to be represented by an agency in your home country that is a "mother agent" and have them submit on your behalf to the agencies they partner with internationally.

That may be hard for you since you've already stated that you haven't had much luck with the UK agencies where you live. However, I'd like to know a couple more things about your situation in order to see why that's been the case (i.e. seeing the types of photos you submitted, the names of the agencies you've applied to, how long ago it was, etc.).

If you shoot me a direct email at: maybe I can give you a bit more hands-on assistance to figure out your options and see if you can give it another shot before closing this chapter.

Looking forward to your email!

Answering a Reader Question #923

Anonymous Wrote:

Is it possible to fly over seas and see an agency, then get signed, get a gig and fly back home?

Hey, Anonymous!

Technically, yes, but you'd be hard pressed to find an agency that would be okay with a model flying back and forth every single time.

Usually for a model to work with an agency overseas, they will require her/him to live in the country for a few weeks or however long they need them for the season so they can be submitted to as many castings as possible for that duration.

When a model goes to a casting or go-see, it is the model that is responsible for the cost to get to and from seeing the client. The costs of flying from your home country to the country where your agency is will end up costing a small fortune so it wouldn't be realistic to go back and forth each time. You'll have to eventually plan to reside in that country for a little bit then go back home when the modeling season is over.

So those are factors you need to keep in mind when considering the idea of working with an overseas agency.

Answering a Reader Question #922

Anonymous Wrote:

What is the process of getting into a magazine? Would it be possible as a teen to get onto magazines, such as Vogue? Modelling is my dream, I just can't get my head around it all at the moment. How do you apply for agencies like FORD if you're living somewhere else? can you apply as a teenager? Thank you so much for this blog, I love it!

Hi, Anonymous!

Let's tackle your questions one at a time:

What is the process of getting into a magazine? 

The most effective way to accomplish this is to get signed to a modeling agency and start booking work, which would include magazine print work.

Would it be possible as a teen to get onto magazines, such as Vogue?

Back in 2012, Vogue magazine created an initiative to show the world it cared about protecting the welfare of its models. One of those initiatives was no longer using models under the age of 16. But they already broke that rule threes times but apparently they've been working hard to make sure that never happens again.

So technically, teens can still be models in Vogue magazine as long as they are 16 years of age or older.

Teen models can also appear in a variety of other magazines as well so there are options that aren't as controversial as the situation with Vogue.

How do you apply for agencies like FORD if you're living somewhere else? can you apply as a teenager? 

Agencies typically won't consider submissions from models that live further than a 2 hour's drive away because they need them to be close enough to deal with last minute castings and modeling jobs. If you decide to submit to an agency like Ford that is far, you need to be prepared to take the steps to relocate if they do show enough interest to want to sign you.

It is important to know that the costs involved with that kind of a situation are not covered by the agency either so you would have to find out a way to afford to move closer to the agency.

To make obtaining agency representation more realistic, I would recommend doing an online search for modeling agencies that are within a 2 hour's drive from where you live and seeing what options come up. Teens can submit to agencies since they fall under several categories of representation, including teen modeling, commercial/print and fashion/runway (fashion agencies usually set their age minimum at 14).

Even starting with a smaller agency is a solid way to get your foot in the door and once you gain more experience and build your resume, you do have the option of relocating and submitting to larger agencies so you don't have to jump all the way to the top with a huge agency in the beginning of an aspiring modeling career.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Answering a Reader Question #921

Anonymous Wrote:

Can you apply for an agency outside of your country?

Hi, Anonymous!

Anyone can apply to an agency outside of their country but the chances of gaining interest from an international agency is much more challenging than one would think. In many instances, agencies in other countries aren't as likely to consider an unsolicited submission from an individual that does not live there.

The more effective way to submit to international agencies is to already be signed to an agency in your home country that is a "Mother Agent." Mother agencies have the authority and network to place their models with other agencies in other markets, both nationally and internationally.

To learn more about mother agencies, you can check out the link below:

It is more likely for an agency in another country to trust working with a model that is coming from a mother agency they've worked with before, compared to a random email/electronic submission from someone they don't know and may not have the time or interest in verifying their identity.

Does that mean you can't or shouldn't submit to an agency outside of your country? No, because you definitely can but just be prepared to possibly not hear back. In the off-chance that you do happen to hear back from an agency, they may ask you to come to their office for an in-person interview. While exciting, the reality is that you will have to pay your way to get there and back. You'll also need to pay for your accommodations and transportation while there.

So it's one of those situations where you have to be careful what you wish for. Until you get a contract offer from an international agency, you have to front all the associated costs, which is certainly not a very easy one to afford.

The process of submitting to an agency in another country is fairly easy and basically works the same as applying to an agency anywhere else but the steps that come next if an agency does want to meet with you are definitely one you'll want to consider beforehand, not to mention being on the lookout for red flags and trying to determine whether or not the opportunity is legitimate.